5 Reasons Why Your Skincare Is Not Working

5 Reasons Why Your Skincare Is Not Working

There is a never-ending quest for the perfect skincare product or routine. We have bottles and jars of skincare products that promises brighter, glowing and youthful skin and we all know too well that not every bottle can deliver the results we want.

Many of us have ended up with a fair share of cabinets filled with all kinds of skincare products that are half-used and did not give you the results we want. If you have not been seeing any improvements in your skin despite using the skincare regularly and are experiencing breakouts, redness and increased sensitivity, or maybe your skin looks lackluster and dull, then it is time to reconsider your skincare products and the routine. That being said, it is not always due to the routine or a single product. There could be other factors at work too.

Signs your skincare is not working for you:

  • There is a lack of improvement on the targeted areas
  • Your skin experienced redness and irritation after using a product
  • Breakouts or other reactions were not present before you started using the skincare
  • Your skin feels very dry or greasy
  • Your skin lacks radiance and looks dull
  • You can see more fine lines and wrinkles

Following a good skincare regimen will keep your skin looking healthy and radiant every day. There are some factors that may hinder the effectiveness of the products you use. Keep reading to know more about why your skincare routine is not working the way it should.

Not Cleaning Your Skin Properly 

The first and most important step in any skincare regimen is cleansing the skin.  Your skin needs to be well-cleansed before using any other skincare products. Using the right facial cleanser will help to get rid of dirt, pollutants and excess oil that are collected on the face. This will in turn keep the skin problems away. No matter what top notch face cream or the best face serum you have, but if your face is not cleansed properly, these products will not be able to absorb into the skin. Worst cases, you may get clogged pores, acne and dull-looking skin.

Another way to enhance your face cleansing is to use Ditoi Disposable Face Towels. These single-use daily use disposable towels for face can make a remarkable difference to whatever cleansing products you are using. Wet a piece of disposable face towel with lukewarm water, and move it around the face in circular motion after you have applied the cleanser onto the face. The towelette offers the most effective, yet gentle cleanse for your skin. It is more effective than just using your hands. When you get the basic steps correctly, it helps your skin barrier to function exceptionally. A thoroughly cleaned face is healthier and more radiant.

Not Consistent With The Skincare Regimen

Consistency equals results, so if you are not using your skincare on  a daily basis, you will not see the results. Just like brushing your teeth in the morning and before bed, you have to get into the habit of doing the same with the skincare routine. If you do not have a lot of time, do simplify the process. A simple skincare routine every night is better than a multi-step routine that you only get to do once in a while.

Experiencing Hormonal Changes

It is normal for hormones to fluctuates but they can have an impact on the health of our skin. Major lifestyle changes such as diet, stress and pregnancy can trigger hormonal changes that lead to changes in the skin. If you are stressed out, your body would release a hormone called cortisol that causes an increased in oil production. The most common skin concerns are blocked pores due to increased sebum production, melasma and breakouts.

Stress can also affect sleep and when you are lack of sleep, your skin may look dull and dehydrated. Sleep is important for the skin cell renewal and also repairing skin damage.  You may want to talk to your doctor if you are having hormonal fluctuations that are affecting your skin.

Overusing Active Skin Care

Active ingredients in skincare products such as Vitamin A or retinol and chemical exfoliating acids can exacerbate the skin when overused. People tend to overuse such products when they want to see faster results, they tend to overuse these active products.

Using the Wrong Products for Your Skin Type

One of the common reasons is buying skincare without knowing if it is the right one. Remember that every product that you use in your skincare routine should have a purpose. You have to know what is the product you are using and if it does not address your skin concerns, you have to ask yourself if it is the right one for you. Using the right skincare products for your skin type is the key to achieving the result you want.

Next time when your skincare products are not effective anymore, examine these reasons to help you get the most of your skincare products and to have healthy and radiant skin.

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