How To Have Sustainable Beauty Routine 

How To Have Sustainable Beauty Routine 

The beauty industry is in an interesting time where there is a rising demand for the newest and coolest skincare products. There are a lot of new products that are in line with the new lifestyles such as being more socially responsible and more conscientious. These gave way to brands coming out with sustainable, clean and organic products with consumers demanding that their favorite brands emphasize on sustainability to reduce the impact on the environment.

Everyone wants to feel good about the products they use. Now what is sustainable skincare and how can you incorporate more sustainable values into your beauty routine? Read on for some of sustainable beauty tips.

What is Sustainable Beauty?

In simple terms, sustainable beauty industry focuses on products that are good for consumer health and also the planet. These products are good for the environment because the ingredients are free from harmful chemicals, safe, and are less detrimental on the world. From choosing eco-friendly ingredients to using recycled content in the packaging, sustainable beauty values centers around the impact on the environment. From plant-based extracts to biodegradable alternatives, the sustainable ingredients offer a safer and greener choice for consumers.

How To Make Your Skincare Routine More Sustainable 

Many consumers are choosing more sustainable beauty solutions to help them find products that will improve their skin while at the same time, align with their values.

Consider the packaging - Plastic can take over 400 years to decompose, which is all the more reason that recycled or recyclable packaging is so important. Products that come in containers that are made from 100% recycled plastic or biodegradable packaging will help keep the plastic out of landfill.

Keep a lookout for waste - Beauty products that are used regularly can be wasteful. Small items like sponges, Q-tips and makeup wipes can build up over time. Whenever possible, replace these items with alternatives that are biodegradable or can be used again.

Check the ingredients - It is easy to feel overwhelming when looking at the ingredients of your favorite products. Make sure that they are align with your values. Another thing to look for is whether they are made from natural ingredients and extracting them in ways that do not impact the planet negatively. Sustainable beauty brands focus on natural ingredients that can decompose.

What is the brand's mission statement - Most companies that pursue sustainable practices will have a mission statement that describes the way they work to be more considerate to the environment. This is important as it will give customers a better understanding of the company.

Benefits For Your Skin

The positive impact of sustainable skincare goes beyond the environment to the health of you skin and overall well-being.

Gentle Formulas

Sustainable skincare are often made using natural, non-toxic ingredients that are gentle on the skin. This will reduce the risk of allergies, irritation and damage caused by harsh chemicals after prolong use.

Rich and Nutrient-Packed Ingredients

With a focus on responsibly sourced ingredients, sustainable skincare products offer the skin the essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that promote vitality and health.

Better For Skin Sensitivity

Skin sensitivities can be triggered by many conventional products that contain synthetic fragrances and preservatives. Sustainable skincare products opt for naturally-made scents and preservatives, thus making them a better choice for those with sensitive skin.

Long-Term Benefits

Sustainable skincare prioritizes skin health and encourages a holistic approach that addresses long-term concerns instead of offering temporary solutions.

One such product that ticks all the above boxes is Ditoi's Disposable Face Towels. Its disposable face towels are a game-changer in the skincare routine. These single use face towels are small towels that are specifically designed to effectively remove oil, dirt and impurities from the skin. Using regular face towels can cause breakouts and skin irritation as they are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria. So when you use them to wipe your face, you are transferring the bacteria onto your face and this will cause skin irritation and breakouts. Ditoi Disposable Face Towels are more hygienic to use and will ensure that your face stays clean and fresh.  Made from plant fiber, these high-quality disposable face towels offer a convenient and eco-friendly choice for cleansing, skincare and makeup removal.

Ditoi believes that clean and sustainable beauty should be accessible to everyone and thus, they work towards making their disposable face towels more ethical, more natural, sustainable and free from harsh chemicals. Ditoi's philosophy is to optimize skin cleansing process with durable, soft and safe disposable clean face towels that are gentle on the skin and effective at removing impurities and dirt. These biodegradable face towels will leave your skin feeling less dried out. They are also kind to the environment because when the face towels come to the end of their life, they can be discarded and will fully biodegrade.

So why not give Ditoi's Disposable Face Towels a try today and embrace a more conscious approach to beauty.

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