Are Disposable Face Towels Worth It?

Are Disposable Face Towels Worth It?

Do you face the problem of not being able to get rid of the pesky acne no matter how clean you keep your face and have invested in the best skincare? Just so you know, your overused cloth face towel may be responsible for that. It is one thing that we do not put much care and thought into although this fabric comes into contact with our face right after we have cleaned it. The regular towels could be the source of breakouts and irritation. This is due to the way bacteria builds up on towels with each use and this is one of the number of ways of getting breakout. An unclean face towel can cause build-up on the skin and leave it with nothing but blemishes and breakouts.

The towels are an ideal breeding ground for bacteria and microbes to grow due to the dampness, absorbency, warmth and looped fabric. You may experience a musty smell after drying yourself with the towel. Besides that, any detergents or fabric softeners that are used to wash the face towels can add to the pile of irritants. So what can you change in your skin care routine to ensure that your face is cleaned properly?

Enter the Disposable Face Towels, currently the hottest skin products in the skincare world today. Disposable face towels are typically made from absorbent and soft material, and are designed to be single use, meaning that it can be used once and thrown away. Wait? Won't that contribute to the problem of waste pollution? When these disposable face towels are thrown away, they would end up in landfills, releasing harmful greenhouse gases and pollute the environment. This is why you should always look for biodegradable disposable face towels like those from Ditoi Beauty that offers a great solution to help resolve acne woes, and keep your skin clear.

Why Are Ditoi's Disposable Face Towels Better Than Others?

Ditoi Beauty is a skincare brand that is dedicated to skincare innovation by offering the finest selection of high-quality, hygienic, and most convenient single-use face towels for the modern women who love to pamper their skin.

  • Ditoi Face Towels are made from natural plant fiber and are 100% biodegradable. As such you do not have to worry about the environmental impact resulting from the facial towels. Once discard, these face wipes will biodegrade and turn into soil in 180 days.
  • Ditoi disposable face towels are soft, safe and thicker than other face towels. They undergo high temperature steam sterilization technology and are dermatologist-approved as a hygienic way to keep your face clean.
  • They are fragrance-free with no added chemical or fluorescent dye. Ditoi face wipes are suitable for all skin types and will leave the skin feeling soft and smooth.
  • Measuring 10" x 12", Ditoi disposable face towels have great absorbency and breathability for optimum comfort.
  • They feature a two-sided texture, a smooth surface for gently wiping the skin and a pearl surface for increase friction for deep cleansing.

    What Can You Use Ditoi Disposable Face Towels For?

    If you think Ditoi disposable face towels are only for drying and cleaning the face, well you are in for a surprise. These versatile all-in-one towels can be used for a variety of purposes such as:-

    • Makeup removal - It can be used with remover to wipe off the makeup easily
    • Remove excess oil on the face – It can blot excess oil on forehead, nose and cheeks.
    • Baby care – Use it to dry baby’s sensitive skin.
    • Wiping hands, personal care, household cleaning, travel, and outdoor activities and more. 

    Ditoi Disposable Towels come in boxes ranging from 50 to 300 sheets and are even available in portable travel sizes. Say goodbye to smelly face towels and switch to Ditoi for the perfect skincare experience because you deserve only the best.

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