Disposable Face Towel Review

Disposable Face Towel Review- Biodegradable & for Sensitive Skin 2024 REVIEW

Hello guys, today I'm going to be reviewing these Ditoi facial towels. I'm really excited about these because they are basically like a washcloth that you can just dispose of right after you're done using it instead of washing it.

I love that these disposable face towels are made out of 100% biodegradable plant fabric and I love that these are fragrance-free and chemical-free just because my skin is so sensitive. I feel like just adding any more chemicals or cleaning products to it just is really harsh on my skin.

So I love that I can just put water on this face towel and I don't have to worry about it adding any irritation to my skin. These are also for both wet and dry use. You can use them for like household cleaning. You can use them to wash your face. You can cut it into little pieces and basically use it like a cotton ball or something like that. So I feel like this has a lot of uses and I really like how it looks like.

This disposable face towel is the extra large size and these are 10 by 12 inches that's gonna be the size of each individual towel.

This towelette feels really soft way, softer than for example a paper towel. I have a paper towel right here just to kind of show you some of the differences.

Disposable Face Towel Review
This face towel seems a lot stronger than a paper towel. I'm pulling this as hard as I can and this is not even coming close to ripping. Whereas if I take this and pull as hard as I can, it's gonna rip really easily. I definitely can see how you can cut this into little pieces if you want to use it just to remove makeup and you don't want to use an entire thing.

Disposable Face Towel Review
I really like that option I'm just gonna smell it, it doesn't smell like anything. It is fully unscented. Honestly, I feel like these would be so perfect for taking traveling just because you don't always have access to a washcloth, especially if you're going somewhere where you need to clean some surfaces, you can just use this and then you can throw it away once you're done instead of taking it with you and adding more laundry to your vacation bag.

Disposable Face Towel Review
I just have some water on the counter. I just want to see how well this kind of cleans up the water. Wow I did not think that I was going to pick up all the water in just one swipe. That's crazy! Okay that's crazy. This actually holds a lot of water and while this is wet you can see this whole middle section is wet. I'm still pulling on it and it doesn't get any weaker so I'm using this to wash my face and it feels really nice on my skin.

I love that there disposable face towels are no added scents or anything like that. It doesn't seem like it's irritating my skin which is a huge plus. I love that I can use this entire towel as a washcloth or something or I could just use a quarter of it just to wipe my face off or to clean my face.

At the end of the day, overall, I'm really excited about this disposable face towel. It makes the daily skincare cleansing process easier and it is a hygienic way to remove makeup.

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