Using A Separate Towel For Your Face And Body Will Change Your Skincare Regime

Using A Separate Towel For Your Face And Body Will Change Your Skincare Regime

All of us invest in a lot of time spend looking for the best way to clean our face such as purchasing the best cleanser, following a skincare routine and going to saloons and spas for facial. Very often, the towel that we use to dry our freshly cleansed face is often overlooked. Do you know that the type of towels we use plays an important part of the skincare regime?  Our face towel matters more than we think.

Many make the mistake of using their bath towels to dry their face too. Drying your face with the same towel as the one you use to dry your body can do more damage to the skin. Bath towels are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, yeast and fungi because they are usually warm and absorbent. The air in the bathroom is also damp and this creates the perfect environment for bacteria to grow and even leads to unpleasant smell on the towel.

Should You Use A Separate Towel For Your Face?

The answer is a Yes.  When you rub the bath towel on your face, you are transmitting all these bacteria directly onto your skin. This will eventually lead to breakouts, skin irritation and clogged pores. Your facial skin is very delicate and sensitive, and the oil from the body and hair should not be transferred onto your face. Therefore, you should use a separate towel for your body and your face.

Even if you are using a separate towel for your face, it is likely that you are not washing it daily. As such, bacteria can still make their way to your skin. This is where Disposable Face Towels come in.

What Are Disposable Face Towels And What Are Their Benefits?

Face towels are a great alternative to traditional towels and for many good reasons. These clean face towels can help to prevent the buildup of odour that happen frequently with towels. As these cleansing towels are designed to be used specifically for the face, this can help to prevent the spread of bacteria and keeping your skin healthy.

On top of preventing odour, the disposable face towels are hygienic and convenient to use. Made with softer and gentler material compared to traditional towels, they are gentler on delicate skin. As these daily face towels are disposable, you can enjoy a fresh towel each time and avoid the risk of using a towel that has bacteria or dead skin cell.

How To Use Disposable Face Towels

  1. Cleansing Your Face

After you have cleaned your face, you can wet a disposable face towel and scrub your face with it. These single use towels can only be used once and then dispose. Using it multiple times may affect its cleaning effect. 

  1. Wiping Your Face After Washing 

After washing your face, you can use it to wipe your face directly. With good water absorption, the disposable towels can absorb moisture from your face and keep it dry quickly.

  1. Removing Makeup

Besides cleaning and drying your face, disposable towelettes can also be used to remove makeup. Wet the towel with warm water, ring it out, and then gently use circular motions all over your face to remove any residual buildup. If you are trying to remove heavy eyeshadow or mascara, press the towel down over the eyes for about 10 seconds and wipe away. You can also add the makeup remover to the face towels for increased efficacy. 

  1. Convenience And Multi-Use

Apart from washing your face, the disposable face towels can also be used for wiping hands, personal care, baby care, household cleaning, travel, and outdoor activities.

Are Disposable Towels Safe For The Environment? 

It all depends actually. Not all disposable face towels are made equally. If you are worried about the environmental implications when incorporating disposable face towels into your skincare routine, then do look for environmental-friendly or bio-degradable face towels. 

It is time to ditch your face towels and switch to Ditoi's Disposable Face Towels. These highly rated XL Face Towels are not only great for your skin's health, they are kind to the planet too. Formulated with 100% biodegradable natural fibres, Ditoi Disposable Towel For Face are unscented and have no added chemical or fluorescent agent. They have also gone through high-temperature steam sterilization technology for hygienic purposes and are safe for all skin types. These dermatologist-approved disposable face towels are soft, super absorbent and will transform your skincare routine to ensure that your face is spared from bacteria that are commonly found in traditional towels.

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