Why You Should Choose Disposable Face Towels?

Why You Should Choose Disposable Face Towels?

Our daily habits have a significant impact on the environment. One of the things that we can easily overlook is our beauty routine that can contribute to the carbon footprint. The plastic packaging, makeup wipes and containers all add up in a big way. While we all place importance on our skin, hair and body health, we must not forget to do them in a more sustainable way. Taking steps to reduce the environmental impact does not mean that we have to re-invent our routine. There are simple and small changes that can be done to make our skincare routine more eco-friendly.

Are you looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, and the daily waste you produce when it comes to your beauty routine? While we place an importance on caring for our skin, hair and body, we must also place importance in doing that in a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Reducing the environmental impact does not mean that we have to reinvent our routine all at once. Every day we can make small, simple changes that will help our beauty routine to be more eco-friendly. One of the top things to do is to switch to using single-use disposable eco-friendly face towels. Many people turn to using disposable face towels to dry their face after cleansing because regular towels can harbor bacteria and germs when not washed daily. The harmful bacteria will then be transferred to the skin and can cause acne and breakouts.

Disposable face towels are a game-changer in the skincare routine. That being said, not all disposable face towels are sustainable and since they are discarded after each use, they can contribute to the waste that overflows landfill. This is where Ditoi Bio-degradable Disposable Face Towels come in.

Why Should You Choose Ditoi Disposable Face Towels?

Ditoi Disposable Daily Face Towels are single use towels that are made from plant fiber. They are discarded after each use but do not panic. Ditoi Disposable face towels are 100% biodegradable and are designed to be compostable at the end of their life in order to minimize the environmental impact.

Ditoi Clean Face Towels have undergone high-temperature steam sterilization technology and are also dermatologist-approved as a more hygienic way for cleansing the face, especially for sensitive and acne-prone skin.  Ditoi's cleaning face towels are available in 10" x 12" size and they are larger than other disposable wipes. Offering dual usage - wet and dry, these disposable face towels will optimize your skincare routine. These cleansing towels are chemical-free, fragrance-free, plastic-free, unscented and do not contain fluorescent agents. On top of these, their eco-friendly qualities, superior softness, absorbency make them an excellent choice.

Ahead are some reasons why disposable face towels are the best new addition to your beauty routine.

Great For Skin

Your skin will thank you when you choose Ditoi Disposable Face Towels. Unlike some other alternative brands, Ditoi Disposable Towels For Face are kind to all skin types. Not only are they soft and gentle on the skin. they will give your skin a thorough cleanse without being harsh. If you have sensitive skin, don't worry. Ditoi Disposable Face Towels are chemical-free, unscented, fragrance-free, plastic-free, does not irritate, and contain no formaldehyde and fluorescent agents.  Not to mention, they are dermatologically tested and safe for all skin types. 

Reducing Waste 

Making the switch to disposable face towels will help to environment by reducing waste. If you use Ditoi Disposable Face Towels for cleansing or drying your face, and then discard them, these towelettes will decompose in weeks. This will reduce the daily environmental impact. 

Reduce Laundry

Towels require regular washing and this consumes water and energy. When you make the switch to disposable face towels, you can mitigate this impact as there is no need for washing. 


Ditoi disposable face towels are versatile and can be used for many other tasks besides drying and cleansing the face. They can be used to remove makeup, dry hands, wipe surfaces, household cleansing and more. 

High Absorbency

Ditoi's daily face towels are larger than other disposable wipes, and they are also super absorbent and will soak up liquid quickly and more effectively. Only one piece of towel is needed to dry your face or hands completely. They can be used wet and dry. 

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